Change the Way you watch TV Forever!

Welcome to the revolution in home entertainment.

The Little Black Box brings together a world of entertainment possibilities into one perfectly formed little package – with no monthly costs! The slick menu system and an advanced dual-sided remote control make it easy to create your perfect home entertainment system in a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your own sofa.

You watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.
• Enjoy the very best TV comedy, drama and factual shows.
• Grab the popcorn and watch films spanning decades of great cinema in brilliant 1080P HD.
• Catch the latest music videos from Gaga and Bublé right there on your widescreen TV

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Over 50,000 Free Movies

The Little Black Box will Free you from your monthly cable or satellite bills. All for a one of payment of £199

Take Control

With features you will never again want to live without

The Little black box development team listens to our fans and delivers unrivalled features. With regular updates this box just gets better and better.

<span style=From IOS straight onto your TV">

From IOS straight onto your TV

With AirPlay fully supported, you can easily send any of your music files, videos or pictures from your iPhone or iPad straight to your big screen. Multimedia has never felt so connected!

<span style=Your Tablet as a Remote">

Your Tablet as a Remote

There are lots of paid and free apps available for iOS and Android that will turn your tablet or phone into a fully-functioning remote control. Flick through your movies and choose the movie you want to watch with just a few swipes and taps!

<span style=Fully Customisable">

Fully Customisable

Not sure about the look of the interface? No problem, customise it to your own preferences with XBMC supported skins and themes. Simply download and use any of the different skins available. With full user flexibility, you can even have different skins for different users. Now everybody in the household can have their own view.

Over 25,000 TV Shows

The Little Black Box gives you access to over 5000 free internet TV stations and over 50,000 radio stations! Just plug The Little Black Box in, and turn your TV into the most incredible entertainment system ever! Now you can watch thousands of internet cable TV shows on your TV for free, whenever you want! The Little Black Box fits any HDMI TV and easily installs in seconds. As long as you have internet access, you can watch Free Movies and TV shows on your TV! Watch as much internet TV as you want, anytime you want - there's no limit to how much you watch! Just plug in the Little Black Box, select a country & simply click on what TV station or show you want to watch - it's that easy. Use The Little Black Box at home, at work, on campus or in hotel rooms. You'll never be bored again! Watching TV has never been easier, and it's FREE!

This is what home entertainment is supposed to be like, and this time, the revolution will most definitely be televised.